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HexFourty supports you in designing, implementing, optimizing and operating cloud software & Apps.

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Modern software development consists of more than just the classic programming tasks.

Data Analysis We can help you with your data juggling. Whether you already know what you want to do with your data, or you need help figuring it out.

Cloud software We develop web projects, fullstack applications or integrations, just as your company needs.

Mobile development We use our web experience to bring your application to mobile platforms as well.

Operations Need help deploying, running and monitoring your application, in the cloud or on your own servers? With our help and expertise, it'll be a breeze.

IOT Prototyping With our prototyping background , we can also help you develop physical goods such as housings or mechanical parts that perfectly fit your application.

Business Strategy With our experience in developing software from MVP, POCs or production-ready software, we can help you develop the right strategy for your product.


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Our company was founded in 2018 in Nuremberg. Together with our partners from the public transport industry, we worked on our product for two years. Since 2020, we have also been developing solutions for other customers.

Started at Zollhof
As a young company we were 2 years part of the zollhof tech-incubation programm in Nürnberg and developed a strong understanding of challenges and processes in the field of public transport. Here, we developed a simulation for passenger flows in public transport.

Who we are
Our Team has different backgrounds in Data Science, Engineering and IT which we use to provide a wide range of services. All our solutions have a strongly datadriven approach whenever it is beneficial.